Seanfinity Yachts is part of TS Drive company, based in Latina (Italy) well known for their long experience in building Top System surface drives and marine propulsion equipment, 

Last innovation concerns the new automatic Easy lift for controlling outboard engines, consisting of hydraulic bracket lift controlled by a modern processor. 

The system is highly efficient even on 600hp outboard engines.   

All Seanfinity models can be viewed/tested or ordered directly in the shipyard.

RANGE T – Boat and tender

SEANFINITY T Range has a deep V hull, walk around deck, and hydraulic balconies that create extra space onboard. T3, T4, T5, and T6 are all models of the same range. 

All models can have fiberglass or Kevlar hull and deck. 


SEANFINITY Rib Range is shaped on the same deep V hull of the Seanfinity T range, gaining high speed because of their light weight. Fast, still comfortable, and very appropriate to reach shallow waters, the Rib Range comes with R3, R4, and R5 models for all custom needs. 

All models can have fiberglass or Kevlar hull and deck.